How To Find The Perfect Student Housing in Lancaster

Looking for student housing in Lancaster ? This blog will help you get started ! From budgeting to bills, we have got everything covered.

On the hunt for student housing in Lancaster? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

Previously, we have talked about the Things They Don’t Tell You About Shared Student Houses, and now we will help you find the perfect student housing in Lancaster.

There are several reasons why you might want to opt for a student house as opposed to private student accommodation or university-owned accommodation, whether that be the community you build there or having more space.

In this guide, we’ll help you find the perfect student house step by step. Whether you want a cheap option or something fancy, we’ve got tips to make your search easy. From budget to location, we’ll cover everything. Let’s get started and find you the ideal student housing in Lancaster!

Group of students in a house


One of the most important steps to finding the right student housing in Lancaster is to lay out a clear budget

Be realistic about how much you are willing to spend on housing each month and do not forget to take into account all the other food, travel and leisure expenses that you will have.

It is best to set aside a range that you are comfortable spending, so then you can make this hunt for student housing so much easier. 

If you are looking for a student house with a group of friends, then be sure to consider everyone’s ranges and decide on what works comfortably for all of you, before you begin the search.

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Proximity to the university as well as shops and amenities is not a factor that you should overlook.

Regardless of how nice a student house might look, if it is really far from the campuses and other necessities, it will only make your university life hard. 

If your university has multiple campuses and most of your classes happen to be in a different campus than the main one, then you can look for accommodation closer to that one instead and you might even save a lot more money that way .

Students in a university campus


Be sure to check the amenities that are offered by the student house while looking for options. Unlike private student accommodation, there are chances that you might have to purchase certain things by yourself like kettles and toasters for instance. 

Although some student housing in Lancaster comes fully furnished, it is still good to check these amenities before you sign to any house so that you can be prepared. 

Kitchen appliances stacked in a kitchen table

Check How The Bills Works

Similar to the amenities, some student housing in Lancaster will include all bills, which would make the budgeting process so much easier.

However, there are some where the bills are managed by the residents and it is worth enquiring about this early on in this process.

If you do opt for a student house which doesn’t include the bills, then be sure to decide well ahead of time how you and your housemates will manage the payments. Be sure to consider everything from whether you are opting for a direct debit or manual payment, which date the payment is to be made and so on!

Girl holding an energy bill

View The Houses

While pictures of the houses are a great way to get an idea of how they might look, nothing will replace actually viewing they house and checking everything that they offer. 

You will be able to check how long it takes for you to get to campus, evaluate the neighbourhood and decide whether the student housing is overall a good fit.

So never ever skip on viewing the house before signing the contract. 

2 people viewing a house

Safety and Security 

When viewing houses, be sure to check if the location is safe and secure for students to live in.

This can include ensuring that the street is well-lit at night, there are other student houses nearby, transport links and so much more. 

Your safety is the most important factor when it comes to choosing a student house, so do not compromise on that whatsoever.

Well lit area

Talk To The Previous Tenants

Viewing the house will also give you the chance to talk to the students who are currently living there and ask them about any queries that you might have.

Talking to students is absolutely the best way to learn about the experience of living there and they can give you an unbiased opinion.

Be sure to enquire about maintenance issues and how prompt they were with resolving things, as these are aspects they can give you the most honest opinion on!

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Review the Contract Terms

Once you have decided on student housing in Lancaster, it is important for you to thoroughly review the contract terms before signing it. 

A lot of people skip through it since it seems like a lot of paperwork but we would strongly recommend you to take the time to read through it. 

You might find the rules on guests, decorations, the deposit and so much more in your contract so definitely don’t skip this step. 

You can even go the extra mile and ask someone else to read through the contract after you are done to ensure that you have covered all the clauses.

Person reading contracts

In conclusion, finding the perfect student housing in Lancaster requires careful consideration of various factors, from budgeting and location to amenities and safety. By following the tips outlined in this guide, students can navigate the housing market with confidence and make informed decisions. Remember to prioritise your needs and preferences, conduct thorough research, and seek support if needed. With patience and perseverance, you’ll soon find the ideal accommodation that not only meets your practical requirements but also enhances your overall university experience in Lancaster. 

If you are looking for student houses in Lancaster for when you start university, then you are in the right place. Visit our UK Student Houses website to browse through the different student homes that cater to all your needs. 

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