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Expert advice from our friendly team who are ready to help you find your ideal student home. Our hassle-free student living, first-class locations and all-inclusive bills help make your University accommodation just right!

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We are experts in the student housing sector and after many years of helping students across the country find the ideal place to live, we believe we know what makes you tick and how to give you a hassle-free and all inclusive experience. Our dedicated team of experts know what it takes to provide you with a happy home from home.

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Our experience in this industry means we get how important it is for you to find the right place to live during your studies. That’s why we work closely with universities and student unions – we do our homework so you can find the right home! All utility bills are included in your rent payment, making it nice and easy to budget. We take pride in what we do, and are here to help with any queries you have.