2021 Christmas Films On Netflix You Need To Watch Now!

If there’s anything to get you in the Christmas spirit it’s DEFINITELY pulling on your fave pj’s and putting a Christmas Film on Netflix…right?  No matter how cheesy they can get, they’re one of the best ways to keep the festivities alive this year, especially with everything going on in the UK right now. Whether […]

If there’s anything to get you in the Christmas spirit it’s DEFINITELY pulling on your fave pj’s and putting a Christmas Film on Netflix…right? 

No matter how cheesy they can get, they’re one of the best ways to keep the festivities alive this year, especially with everything going on in the UK right now.

Whether you’re in the mood for a good old cult classic in your student home, or you fancy delving into a new festive film, Netflix is the streaming platform to be on this year – there’s no doubt about that!

This holiday season, we’ve collated a list of the top movies on Netflix that you need to watch now.

Prepare to be taken on a Christmas journey of wonder! This list is not one to be missed…

1. Last Christmas (2019)

Whether you know her for slaying her way through Game Of Thrones, or for starring as Louisa in Me Before You, it is without a doubt that Emilia Clark is a brilliantly versatile actress with a great taste in hit movies and tv shows. 

In this festive season film, she takes on the role of Kate, a young 26 year old who works as an Elf in Central London.

She’s aspiring to be a singer, however after an unsuccessful audition, things start to take a drastic turn for the worst.

Does this call for someone to come and save her from the downward spiral she feels like she’s on? Of course it does, and that’s when we’re introduced to Tom! 

Soon after meeting Tom, Kate’s life begins to change. Watch now to find out how.

2. Office Christmas Party (2016)

The Office Christmas Party is absolutely everyone’s dream idea of a party when it comes to the working environment (and not to put a downer on your day, totally unrealistic!!)

It gives off such Wolf Of Wall Street party vibes – does anyone else feel this?

For those who haven’t seen it, we’ll give you a quick run down.

After lots of issues within the company and future uncertainty, CEO Carol Vanstone (Jennifer Anniston) threatens to lay off about 40% of the workforce and even cancel the Christmas Party. 

Obviously, this news does not go down well and their last fight to save the company lies in the hands of partnering with the financial giant – Walter.

Walter likes the pitch, but fears they care more about the budget than their people.

This triggers Branch Manager, Clay, to throw the biggest social event of the year for all of his staff, and invite Walter to join. 

When we say things go from bad to worse, we’re just going to have to let you watch it to find out why…

However we promise this is one to watch this festive period!

3. Click and Collect (2018)

Are you a fan of your neighbour? If you are, well you’re super lucky ‘cos quite a lot of people have issues when it comes to who they unfortunately live next to.

Especially in Click and Collect, we’re introduced to two completely mismatched neighbours.

Andrew Bennett is an uptight father who lives with his wife and child. His next door neighbour, Dev DeCruz is an over-friendly, Christmas loving individual who lives on his own. 

When Andrew finds out his daughter’s heart is set on Sparklehoof the Unicorn Princess as her main Christmas present, Dev comes to the rescue and orders the last one online for her to save the day.

Little does Andrew know that it’s actually a click and collect 4 and a half hours away in Cardiff…and that calls for a long car journey!

Do they get the unicorn? Do they make it home in time for Christmas? Find out by watching it now!

4. Holidate (2020)

Who doesn’t love Emma Roberts? She’s an icon in films that we’re completely obsessed with. 

Holidate is a 2020 film by Netflix and uncovers the life of Sloane, the only sibling in the family to not have a date for the holidays.

Not only does she not want one, but her family profusely remind her how single she is – how annoying!

After bumping into Jackson in the mall, these two strangers decide to become eachothers platonic plus ones for all holiday events.

As time goes on, you can already imagine just how ‘platonic’ this relationship really is. 

Check it out if you need a good rom com today!

5. Single All The Way (2021)

Single All The Way?!?! Oops lets hit it where it hurts…

This 2021 rom com was only released a couple of weeks ago, so we bet you haven’t seen this one!

The plot follows Peter, a gay man who is sick of being single for the holidays. He convinces his best friend, Nick, to come to his family home and pretend to be his boyfriend. 

Obviously, things don’t go to plan and a lot of feelings change on the course of time…

Interested? Make sure to check it out now…

6. Let It Snow (2019)

If you want to get in the holiday spirit then get a hot choccy and pop on Let It Snow! 

This festive favourite is an American romantic comedy, and focuses on a snowstorm which hits a small town on a cold Christmas eve.

It switches from character to character, most likely influenced by the cult classic – Love Actually. 

You’re taken on a journey, following friendships, love lives and families, who all just want a Christmas to remember. 

It’s relatable and bound to get you feeling jolly, so why not switch it on tonight?

The Classic Christmas Movies On Netflix

Obviously, the predecessors in this list are newer movies released on Netflix for 2021. We just know that you’re itching to uncover what Christmas classic films they’re streaming…right?

Well don’t fret, there’s only a few, but they need to be on your list of must watches for Christmas films in 2021.

1. The Holiday (2006)

The Holiday is arguably one of the best Christmas films of alllll time (when it comes to Netflix holiday rom com style), and is extremely easy to binge on your day off.

Starring Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Jack Black, this ultimate classic tells the tale of two women who switch homes to hide away from their relationship issues.

Little did the two women know that a love story would brew for them on the other side of the world! Seems too good to be true – right?

PS we’re obsessed with people on TikTok now looking to swap their homes like Kate and Cameron in The Holiday, such a cool idea!

2. Nativity (2009)

If it gets to the 25th of December and you haven’t switched this holiday movie on, then just cancel Christmas. Now. 

It’ll take you right back to your Nativity-filled childhood days, when the only thing you had to worry about was whether you could smile and wave for your parents in the audience (lol, we all did it, didn’t we?!?)

When Hollywood are rumoured to be attending St Bernadette’s Primary School to watch their Nativity, the whole school and local community go wild. 

Even if it was a little white lie from Paul, the Primary School teacher, leading the Nativity play this year.

Can he save the day and actually get Hollywood to watch, or will he get the sack and leave the Children wondering what happened? 

It’s not one to be missed – we promise!

3. Love Actually (2003)

Love Actually is an all-time Christmas classic on Netflix and it’s loved by all. 

Try finding someone who doesn’t feel all warm and fuzzy inside after watching this, because we sure can’t.

There are 10 separate storylines within this movie, each which will take you on a journey of love, laughter and positivity.

They are all linked in one way or another, and by watching this film you can find out how!

If you’re looking for a fairy tale Christmas, then this list should surely be in your bookmarks for date nights, movie sleepovers with your friends or even to pop on with the fam! But, have you ever thought of what to do if your boiler breaks? Forget feeling all cosy for a minute, ‘cos this could fully ruin your mood. We’ve given you all of our top tips right here, make sure to check them out now!