Tiktok Cleaning Hacks To Spruce Up Your Student Home In 2022

Hacks! Hacks are timesavers. Hacks make you feel smart. Hacks are life! That is why we are here to bring you some more hugs? NOT HUGS HACKS! That’s right, the TipTop TikTok Cleaning Hacks are coming at you quick time. Try saying that whilst dancing to Heat Wave and filming a TikTok!  Anyway. Sun’s out, […]

Hacks! Hacks are timesavers. Hacks make you feel smart. Hacks are life! That is why we are here to bring you some more hugs? NOT HUGS HACKS! That’s right, the TipTop TikTok Cleaning Hacks are coming at you quick time. Try saying that whilst dancing to Heat Wave and filming a TikTok! 

Anyway. Sun’s out, and for us, that means gloves out. Yes, you heard. Gloves. As in rubber gloves. What better time than spring to embrace your latex fetish and snap on some yellow rubber gloves! We’ve got some of the best TikTok cleaning hacks to help you spruce up your student home and make it feel brand new.  

Pro tip: Before we get started, it may be helpful if you pop to your local shop to pick up bicarbonate of soda, white wine vinegar and some lemons. They are the essential everyday tools of the TikTok Cleaning hackers.  

1. Mop Hack 

We’re not joking when we tell you that this blew our minds, took our breath away and made us question our own existence all at once. It turns out everyone who has ever mopped anything ever using a mop and a bucket has been using a mop and a bucket wrong. Or maybe the mop and the buckets we are being sold are completely wrong themselves, and they should all be double compartment buckets.  

We don’t know. There are so many questions, so few answers, but just watch the video first and let everything you ever knew about mopping and bucketing wash away like a freshly and correctly cleaned floor.  

Spoiler: put a smaller bucket or container in the mop, and you’ll only ever mop with clean water.  

Credit : Tiktok Mop Hack Link

2. Odourise your Home (Chemical Free) 

Students will be familiar with canned air fresheners’ overly sweet and manufactured scents. These are theoretically a great way of masking any unpleasant student-y smells you may have found lingering around your student home. The problem is these canned spays or plug in versions are not great at masking and tend to merge with the existing odours creating an overpowering and intense olfactory experience. Plus, super bad for the environment and for those who have sensitive lungs or breathing issues.  

@SheisKD_ suggests an alternative. After cleaning your house, just add some lovely aromatic ingredients to a simmering pan and leave to float through the rooms. Alternatively, you could get a takeaway, which will make your student home smell different too. 

Credit: Tiktok Air Fresh Link

3. Baking Dishes  

There is no more difficult job in the kitchen than trying to scrub baked-on food on those pesky oven dishes or baking trays. It can feel like an endless, thankless and unwinnable task but never fear, we have an excellent little cheat from @cleanwithrab.  

He recommends that you use the classic combo of white wine vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, and dish soap to create a paste that you then rub onto the dish and leave to soak for an hour. When you come back to it, all you will need to do is rinse the paste off and gently scrub. You’ll literally feel like you’re in a kitchen advert! 

Credit: Tiktok Baking Dish Hack

4. Microwave 

We all know microwaves are an essential tool for any student. While microwaves quickly cook your food, they’re even faster at becoming no-go zones of encrusted unpleasantness. If your microwave has become a health hazard, TikTok user @allisonscleanin has a cheeky little hack to help take the pain out of cleaning it.  

Simply mix water with 50ml of white wine vinegar and a slice of lemon. Place this inside the microwave on the highest heat for a few minutes and leave it inside to cool after the spinning and the dinging has finished. Once the bowl has cooled, you should be able to wipe the condensed solution with a dry cloth, and all other grime will come away too.  

Clean: Tiktok Cleaning The Microwave

5. Cleaning the Oven In Your Sleep  

This is a big one for all you students looking to guarantee your security deposit return! It’s an effortless and stress-free way of getting the oven sparkling clean without hiring a specialist oven cleaning company to come around and do it for you. (Yeah… that is really a thing and tr) 

Welcome back to the iconic trio of bicarbonate of soda, fairy liquid and water, working hard again to create the ultimate cleaning past.  

Simply mix your paste, slap it on the inside of your oven, and when you return after a good old snooze, you will be able to wipe off all the grime with ease. If you really want to get the kitchen advert vibes for this, use the time that the paste is working its magic to get your teeth done and throw on a bright pink shirt to clean off the grime. Obvs, don’t put the oven on during your cleaning! 

Credit: Tiktok Oven Link

6. Get in your Grout 

Mouldy bathroom grouting is the worst. It makes the bathroom look and feel unclean, even if it isn’t. Black mould is also the most stubborn of things to clean. This is why we’re delighted to find out about this easy hack using the simple everyday items of a toothbrush and bleach! 

Simply brush the bleach on the grout, and the mould will be banished… For a while, at least!  

Credit: Tiktok Bathroom Grout Hack

7. Kitchen Plughole 

A student kitchen sink takes a real battering throughout the year. When you think about it, the sink is the main place for students to store both dishes and any leftover food. But in all seriousness, the plughole of your sink is a key place to keep clean because it blocks very easily, which can lead to flooding and horrible smells throughout your home.  

@badhomeowner, recommends using bicarbonate of soda, white vinegar, and boiling water to clean the plughole. Controversially, they are employed separately this time; pour the bicarb down first and wait before running the vinegar and then boiling water. Bing bango, you’re done, and you’ve got a shiny new plug hole.  

Credit: Kitchen Plug Link

Whilst the sun’s out, why not crack open a cold bevvie and enjoy the sunshine. Who knows when it’s going to be over?