If you’re looking for somewhere to stay during the summer, we have summer housing for students available across the country in fantastic city locations.


You can book for a summer short stay of just a few nights, or you can stay for the whole summer. If you currently live with us at UK Student Housing, you can extend your stay in your current property, or why not visit another city for the summer period and stay in one of our other fabulous houses?

If you are arriving to start your course in September and need somewhere to stay to fit in with flights, or just to get to know the city before your studies begin, you could arrive early and give yourself some extra time.

If you need accommodation to complete a summer internship or placement as part of your studies, or you’re attending a language school, summer school, or processional course, UK Student Housing is the perfect summer student accommodation for you, with great locations, affordable, all-inclusive rates that include all bills and unlimited internet access.