Brilliant Tips For Moving Out Of Your Family Home To University

The day is finally here; you take control of your life for the first time and venture into the big bad world (albeit likely with a lift and some tears from your parents or caregivers). Moving out of your family house is a massive step in a young person’s life, and for many, it marks […]

The day is finally here; you take control of your life for the first time and venture into the big bad world (albeit likely with a lift and some tears from your parents or caregivers).

Moving out of your family house is a massive step in a young person’s life, and for many, it marks the beginning of adulthood. It’s an exciting time but also you want to make sure you get things off to a good start. Leaving home and moving to university can be a very daunting thing to do.

We totally get you. We know how hard it can be starting this journey of independence, so here are our top tips for moving out of your parent’s house.

1. Get Organised and Early!

You know the day is coming, so get ahead of the stress. The first thing on your big list should be to write a big list. A list will help you focus on what you need to get done and prioritise the tasks in order of importance.

Once you have your big list, start working through the tasks early doors. Believe us; you don’t need to be running to the big Asda at 11 pm the day before your move because you forgot the plates!

2. Declutter

Moving is a brilliant opportunity to declutter your life. Ultimately, you will want lots of space for all that personal growth you are going to be doing at Uni, so keep it minimal. Try taking some stuff to your local charity shop or selling your unwanted stuff on any one of the auction sites (eBay, Facebook Market Place or Gumtree, to name a few).

3. Get the Right Accommodation

Student accommodation can be tricky, particularly if you aren’t moving into halls. You want to make sure you are not paying too much, that you’re close to uni and that wherever you are living is safe and clean. You should always inspect the accommodation before you sign the contract and make sure your Landlord or letting agent provides you with: –

1. EPC (energy performance certificate);

2. Tenancy Deposit Scheme details; and

3. Emergency contact information.

UK Student Homes accommodation is ideal for all students as they are all conveniently located and professionally managed, making them suitable, safe and clean! Our house shares all have communal spaces and all inclusive bills. No faffing around with paying the lecky, water and gas. It’s all done and dusted for you at UK Student Homes.

4. Bring Photos and Decorations

It will be the first time some of you have left home, and despite all your bravado, you will still miss it. The best way to limit the homesickness is to take some photos of your friends and family with you. If you don’t have any, go and get some printed and try framing them as well. It is a great way to remind you of home when you miss it and make your new student pad feel more like your own.

Bringing your decorations will help you add a personal touch to your student accommodation. You should always check the terms of your tenancy before putting up stuff on the walls; you don’t want to be sacrificing any of your deposit. Adding a few nifty home touches can transform your student pad and really make it your own.

5. Stock up on Cleaning Products

As a student, you will be renting your student accommodation. The nature of rentals means that someone will have used the space before you. Landlords are supposed to provide you with a clean property, but, commonly, this is not a sparkling clean. We recommend that you get a box full of cleaning supplies readily available because you will want your new home to feel clean and tidy before putting all your stuff in it. We’ve also get a great list of cleaning hacks that can give you an idea of what you’ll need.

UK Student Homes accommodation is always professionally cleaned once a tenant moves out, which is another benefit of renting from us over a privately rented option.

6. Decide How You Will Be Moving Your Stuff

There will be a lot of belongings for you to move and deciding how to move them is essential. If you need help moving from your friends or family, you must let them know in advance.

If you’re taking a lot of furniture with you, it might be worth getting professional movers involved.

7. Produce a Moving Day Itinerary

The logistics of moving day are super important, and you need a robust plan in place. Make this a special, momentous day rather than flinging your stuff in the car and having a complete mare.

Get the critical timings down and build your schedule around that. First thing to check is what time you will be able to move in and collect the keys. Next, you need to work out how long it will take to travel to the accommodation. Then you need to factor in loading and unloading times around all this.

Our advice is to plan the move meticulously to allow you and your family focus on the bigger emotions on the day.

8. Don’t Struggle Alone

Moving away from home for the first time is a massive stage in your life, and it’s completely fine to feel overwhelmed. If you do find you are struggling for any reason, you should always reach out because there is no shame in needing help every now and then.

Your first port of call should always be your family or friends. If this isn’t an option or you find yourself needing more help than they can provide, get in touch with the university. All universities take student welfare very seriously, and they will have student services which can provide financial and mental health assistance if you ever need it.

Hopefully, we have helped streamline and assuaged some of your moving fears. Get in touch if you have any top moving tips you’d like to share!