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An application for a Leicestershire HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) has been passed, following a casting vote by the chair of Charnwood Borough’s Plans Committee.

Cllr David Slater made the decision after the council was split 50-50. The home, 136 Forest Road in Loughborough, will accommodate up to six people, with six separate bedrooms.

The house is located on the dual carriageway stretch of the street, and has a bus stop outside. Planning officers told the meeting that the introduction of the 136 Forest Road would still mean that only 14 per cent of properties in an area of 100 metres should be HMOs – way below the 20 per cent limit set by the council.

And when fears were raised of the possibility of anti-social behaviour in the event of the property being let to students, the committee heard that of the nine reported incidents in the area over the last three years, eight of them were non-student related.

While no actual planning reasons were put forward to block the application, the successful bid does come with the condition that the front wall is retained, in order to protect the street scene.

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